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2 Day 2 Night Itinerary

Avatar Whitsundays Itinerary & FAQ's
Like all Whitsunday Island Sailing Trips there is no set itinerary for Avatar 2 Day 2 Night sailing adventures.

Wind and tide play a big part in the destinations on each trip so locations are selected in accordance with this factor and the passengers wishes.  Large differences between high and low tide can see some locations with a strong tidal flow while other locations can completely drain of water.

Fortunately there are many good locations in the Whitsunday Islands so your crew will consult with passengers and locations will be decided on taking all factors into consideration that apply during your sailing trip.

Whitehaven Beach will be visited on every Avatar cruise, other locations may include Nara Inlet at Hook Island, Hill Inlet, Manta Ray Bay, Blue Pearl Bay. Let our crew know what you would like to see and do.

Unfortunately if the wind is light Avatar may have to use the motor so you don't miss any of the fantastic locations and incredible sights of the Whitsunday Islands.

What if I have never been sailing before?
Most of the guests are first time sailors and Avatar's professional crew will take care of the sailing tasks.  You are welcome to join in and help and learn a few sailing skills or you can just sit back and relax.

Who else will be on Avatar with me?
People who choose a style of boat usually have the same tastes as the other guests who have chosen that boat so you can find yourself onboard with people with similar tastes from the elite to the young and adventurous.

Can I snorkel on Avatar and do I need my own equipment?
Snorkeling is certainly on the adjenda and all snorkeling equipment onboard is supplied.  If you have your own equipment feel free to bring it.

Can I Scuba Dive?
Avatar is a shorter sailing trip. Scuba diving is not available but snorkeling and snorkel equipment is available.

Meals & Allergies
There is a great menu for you and meals are included in the trip price, however we need to be informed of any dietry requirements & allergies that you may have. Vegetarians are catered for please tell us what sort of vegetarian you are.

Is there any drinking water on Avatar?
Yes but we recommend you bring some cash to purchase bottled water. It's refreshing and tastes better than the local water we fill our tanks with.

Do I need to bring my own drinks on Avatar?
Avatar is BYO so you should bring your own alcohol (no glass please). Avatar might not stock your favourite soft drinks so you can also bring those.

Do I need a sleeping bag?
No, fresh linen is provided on Avatar and to prevent bed bugs we ask that you not bring your sleeping bag onboard.  This is the most common way bed bugs get onto boats.

Can I smoke cigarettes onboard Avatar?
Up on deck only!! There is no smoking below decks on any Whitsundays boat. Make sure you dispose of your butts sensibly - please respect our wonderful environment and the comfort of other guests on the vessel.
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